Sunday, November 18, 2007

Buy signal for November 17, 2007

CTCH got a buy signal. At the moment the MACD is above it's signal although it looks like it is going to cross it on it's way down. The "Twiggs Money Flow" indicator is positioned above zero at 0.18, which shows that money is flowing into the stock.

According to some research I have conducted regarding the MACD value at times of a buy signal, it seems there is no correlation between the two. This means that a positive MACD which crosses it's signal from below just as a buy signal is generated, doesn't improve the chance of the trade to become profitable. Trying to add an MACD rule into my system resulted in fewer trades and lower profit.

A few modification I have made to the system in the last few weeks, improved it's result substantially. I intend to post the results in the following week.

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