Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is Fridays behavior an indicator to Mondays behavior?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently reading a book titled "How I Trade For A Living". In his book, the author reveal some of his trading methods and even going through some of his past trading positions. According to the author, a bullish Friday has influence on Monday behavior meaning bullish Friday will usually result in a bullish Monday.

I've decided to conduct a small research on the Nasdaq. I went back to January 1985 and counted the number of days where a bullish Friday ended up in a bullish Monday. Out of 627 bullish Fridays, 357 Mondays ended up bullish as well which is ~59%.

Trying to improve the ratio between winning and losing Mondays I decided to check Monday only if Friday gain was above 0.5%. Out of 310 bullish Fridays, 195 Mondays (approximately 69%) ended up bullish as well. The average gain for Monday was 1.02% and the average loss 0.13% as opposed to the previous test were the average gain was 0.84% and the average loss was 0.07%.

Looking back at the results it seems the author has a valid point and one can use this knowledge to increase the probability of a short-term profit by examining Friday's momentum.

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