Sunday, October 14, 2007

Come into my trading cubicle

I decided to share the signals generated by my system with the readers of this blog. I'm currently invested in 8 stocks, all from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Here is a list of my current holdings:

Symbol Entry Date Entry Price Current Price Profit %
(After commission)
ARTG 24/09/2007 3.00 3.36 12
INTV 24/09/2007 9.34 10.03 7.39
IDEV 24/09/2007 6.62 7.81 17.98
EPIC 26/09/2007 13.63 13.59 -0.29
CERS 28/09/2007 8.9 10.18 14.38
INFA 28/09/2007 15.72 16.67 6.04
NTWK* 05/10/2007 3.50 3.12 -10.86

* A stop loss signal was received for NTWK as it dropped below 10% from it's entry price. I intend to sell it on Monday around the middle of the day.

At the end of last week I received a buy signal for LWSN. I intend to buy it on Monday.

If you recall, my system works on weekly charts, so all trading activities are done on Friday at the end of the trading day. Since I'm a long term trader, I give my self the luxury of executing my trades in the beginning of the following week so I can verify that the data I download from Yahoo is correct.

I intend to keep the signal service updated on a weekly basis, so stay tune.

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