Thursday, February 21, 2008

What would you do?

Since trading at this point is just a hobby which I tend to change and become a full time trader I set myself a workout plan which include staying late two to three times a week and study the markets as much as I can by reading books on the subject, subscribing to various RSS blogs, developing and perfecting different systems and last but not least, writing this blog.

You could say I knew technical analysis was my cup of tea since the beginning. Graphs and different oscillators fascinated me from the beginning and since I come from the software industry I guess develop computerized systems was just an evolution thing. Developing computerize system takes a lot of time where one develop, test, tweak and do the whole thing over and over again  but once you are done all there is to do is follow the system signals, which most of you know, is not an easy task :).

Now here's my dilemma: I strive to improve myself by reading blogs, newsletters and books and thus hope to improve the way I trade. But since I follow the systems signals I find that reading about the current recession or the credit crunch or looking at a graph explain why I should buy gold is irrelevant to me.

I feel I have reached a point where reading few more posts in various blogs wont expand my knowledge in the direction I need.

Let me know what would you do in my place.

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John Forman said...

I almost never read or listen to anyone else's analysis of markets I specifically follow because I learned a long time ago that it just tends to muddle my thinking. I will, however, get ideas from other, but still need to do my own analysis before I'd ever trade. Aside from that, I pay attention to what other folks are saying/writing about the markets, but only as a kind of sentiment indication.

In terms of reading other bloggers, I actually have a long list of RSS feeds I subscribe to less because I think I'm going to learn something new. They do, from time to time, give me things to think about or present a different perspective on things.