Sunday, February 24, 2008

Open positions for February 24th

Here is the status of my current holdings:

Symbol Entry Date Entry Price Current Price Profit %
IDEV* 24/09/2007 6.62 5.20 -21.45
INFA 28/09/2007 15.72 18.08 15.01
AMSG 26/10/2007 26.68 24.45 -8.36
RCCC 22/01/2008 44.13 44.05 -0.18

I use a stop lose rule which is to sell the stock if it loss 10% or more. However, since I trade on a weekly basis the loss on IDEV ended in 21.45%. This was a result of a steep decline which occurred last Thursday. Usually after a strong move downwards we witnessed correction of different magnitudes. A day later the stock went up 0.8% but unfortunately the week was over. Nevertheless the stock was sold as the system ordered.

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