Sunday, May 18, 2008

Buy signal for May 19th & keeping up the faith

A new buy signal has been issued by the system for NUCO. This buy signal and last week's portfolio results had me thinking about the recent period. If you've followed my blog in the past few months you probably saw that as time went by I sold most of the stocks in my portfolio, all but one. These selling's were a result of sell signals from the system and not the affect of fear caused by macroeconomic events. Ever since I opened this blog I have decided to stay true to my beliefs in the system and follow it no matter what happens.

Three weeks ago, due to changes in the NASDAQ which the system monitored, I started getting buy signals. And hopefully they'll turn into something great :)

I believe that the most important thing in trading, or any other area is believing in yourself. The rest will follow.

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