Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Open positions for May 27th

Here is the status of my current holdings:

Symbol Entry Date Entry Price Current Price Profit %
RCCC 22/01/2008 44.13 44.64 1.15
SATC 05/05/2008 1.86 2.37 27.42
ASTSF 05/05/2008 14.59 14.76 1.65
NUCO 19/05/2008 29.56 29.77 0.71


Eyal said...


Interesting blog. Did you post at any point about some general ideas behind this system? For example. is it a swing trading system? Off daily prices? Is it based on Price and/or Volume? Is it a pullback in a trend or a breakout style?

Also something doesn't look quite right with this one:

SATC 05/05/2008 1.86 1.82 27.42

Current price is showing 4 cents below entry but the position is still +27.42%. Did I miss something in how to read the table?

Good luck

Ofir Amitai said...


The system enters long positions only and does not deal with options so no shorts or swing :)
the blog reveals a lot of details about the system including results for test I run. The most important thing is that I buy and sell on a weekly basis thus eliminating a lot of noise. If you think about it there aren't many systems in the market which use weekly charts and I believe here lies the potential.

SATC is currently 2.57. I bought it at 1.86 meaning 38.17% profit.