Sunday, June 8, 2008

Open positions for June 9th

ASE is going private with ASE Test (ASTSF) and the stock was removed from the NASDAQ. This has happened early in the previous week. At the moment I still see the stock in my active positions but am unable to sell it. When I called my broker I was told it may take several days so I’m still waiting.

Here is the status of my current holdings:

Symbol Entry Date Entry Price Current Price Profit %
RCCC 22/01/2008 44.13 44.70 1.29
SATC 05/05/2008 1.86 3.02 62.37
ASTSF 05/05/2008 14.59 14.77 1.23
GILT 27/05/2008 10.79 10.90 1.02

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